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Loud sound from Kinnick Stadium as crews test new audio system

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The University of Iowa began testing its new upgraded audio system at Kinnick Stadium this week, but Saturday the noise may have been louder.

For about 45 minutes, occasional low-level audio and white noise could be heard to ensure the new system is working.

"What we're trying to do here is produce a loud speaker that has, in effect, one driver or one source of sound," said Tom Danley, director of research and development.

Danley says the 8-year old speakers that were being used before were like concert speakers, where there were many sources of sound. So depending on where you sat in Kinnick, the sound quality was different.

Crews conducted the final phase of testing the new speakers Saturday, and they say fans will notice.

"I'm sure they'll notice it. Everybody so far has had a big smile," said Danley.

He says the sound will be more controlled, crisp and clear, unlike the old system.

The old system could be heard for close to a mile away, but with the latest system, installed a month ago, audio crews are hoping to keep the sound inside the stadium.

No matter where you sit in the stadium on the first kickoff of the season, with this new system the sound will sound the same.

"What we're trying to achieve is a single source in time and space instead off many sources in time and space."


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