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Candy bar and chips? Not in these vending machines

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 The traditional vending machine might as well be on its way out.

An Oregon couple is stocking vending machines to make them healthier. The Alder family is filling the machines with items such as apples, cheese and nuts. The parents said as long as their two boys like the food, they are willing to put it in a vending machine.

"I got tired of saying no, you can't have that. And I thought wouldn't it be great if I actually could say yes, if there were apples, cheese and nuts," Heidi Alder said.

Prices in the healthier machines are a dollar for most snacks, and $1.50 for drinks. The couple shares monthly profits with schools that use their vending machines.

So, what about vending machines all over the world? What do they offer?

Here are a few non-traditional items around the globe in vending machines:

  • Freshly baked pizza
  • Farm fresh eggs, Japan
  • Caviar, LA
  • Burrito kiosks
  • Lettuce, Japan
  • Live crabs, China
Japan vending machines also sport Ramen Noodles and varying types of bread, while some European vending offers raw milk!
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