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Cool summer months tough on some eastern Iowa pools

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The cooler weather this past month has hurt some eastern Iowa businesses' bottom line. This year marked the coldest July for Iowa City, and for other cities like Dubuque and Cedar Rapids, the third coldest July. The cooler weather means some pools around eastern Iowa are seeing less swimmers.

Dubuque's Flora Pool saw 19,000 visitors in July, which is 10,000 behind the total number of people in July of 2013.

Scott Zepeski is the Manager of Flora Pool. He said it's been a slow summer.

"It's been very steady as far as attendance goes, we haven't had as many spikes and falls in attendance like we normally do," Zepeski said. "It's just been slower all around."

Sutton Pool in Dubuque is facing similar problems. The pool is down an average of 300 people a day compared to last year.

"It's just the weather is lacking. It's cloudy and not really swimming days per se, as it was last year and the year before that," lifeguard Luke Roth said.

KWWL talked to other workers at pools across the eastern Iowa area, such as Cedar Falls, Cedar Rapids and Iowa City. Some of the workers were not able to comment if their attendance had gone down in the past month, but some said they have noticed a slight decrease.

Zepeski said he's hopeful August will bring more people to the pool.

"We'd love to see some higher attendance, but it's also dwindling for the year. We understand that people are pooled out by this time of the season. So we are really just looking for steady numbers to carry us through the end of the season," Zepeski said.

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