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Federal jury convicts woman of kidnapping infant; leaving him in Iowa

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MADISON, Wis. (KWWL) - A woman accused of kidnapping an infant is going to prison.

It took a federal jury in Madison, Wisconsin just 3 hours to convict Kristen Smith.

They didn't buy her story that then-4-day-old Kayden Powell's father gave her permission to drive Kayden to Colorado in the middle of the night back in February.

Smith made it to West Branch before police moved in.

She swaddled Kayden in a tote outside a West Branch gas station where he was found more than a day later.

Smith's attorney says he plans to file an appeal but prosecutors say jurors heard an open and shut case.

Kayden Powell, his father Bruce and mother Brianna Marshall were in the courtroom for the verdict.

"I'm grateful," said Bruce Powell.

They say they're now able to turn the page on a bizarre first chapter in Kayden's life.

Marshall's half-sister Kristen Smith tried to take Kayden to Colorado but as police moved in, she left the infant in a tote outside a gas station near West Branch in the February cold.

"She lied and she lied again and she lied again and she lied again and that was a focal point of our case that she is a liar and this is a just result," said John Vaudreuil, U.S. Attorney.

"I don't think there was enough evidence to show that she was going to benefit from this at all and I don't understand what kind of motive the jury came up with in their mind my client had in this case,"' said defense attorney, Matt Noel.

Smith's defense?

That Kayden's father said it was OK to take her.

"Why would I tell her that? She just said that to get off the case," said Powell.

"The parents told us there was no permission and we thought the story there was permission was absolute poppycock," said Vaudreuil.

Kayden is just fine now.

He's starting to crawl but for his mom, hearing about the ordeal in court has been tough.

"Kinda like torture all over again. You find out new things and what happened and what you should've looked at...." said Marshall.

Kristen Smith faces 25 years to life in federal prison.

Sentencing is set for October.

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