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$70 Million Concussion Settlement: Several former Iowa athletes sued NCAA

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A settlement has been reached with the NCAA in a class-action lawsuit about head injuries.  More than 65 former college athletes sued the NCAA, saying they suffered brain trauma. Most played football.

A media group in Alabama, a hot bed for football, has been tracking the specific cases filed. According to AL.com, seven plaintiffs competed at Iowa schools. There are two from Iowa State, Danny Ordelus and Chin Achebe, the team's MVP in 1998. The site also lists Jim O'Connor, who played football at Drake in the 1970's and Abram Wolf, who plays at Simpson. Three former wrestlers at Buena Vista also filed suit, Brett Christensen, Brett Sweeney and Sean Sweeney.

Under the settlement, the NCAA will spend $70 million to diagnose thousands of current and former college athletes to determine if they suffered brain trauma playing football, hockey, soccer or other sports. The deal stops short of setting aside money, specifically, for former athletes. Instead, they can sue for damages and these new tests paid for by the NCAA could establish the grounds for doing that.

The NCAA admits no wrongdoing in the settlement, but has agreed to create a blanket policy spelling out how all teams must treat players who receive blows to the head. The lead attorney for the plaintiffs says the agreement doesn't solve the problem, but will reduce the risk.  The attorney also says the number of athletes who may need to be tested to see if they suffered long-term damage could run into the tens of thousands. The plaintiffs claim almost 30,000 athletes suffered concussions over a recent five-year period.

The agreement still must be approved by a judge which could take months.

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