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Following gunfire, people say Ped Mall still feels safe

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IOWA CITY (KWWL) - The Pedestrian Mall is a popular place for kids to play in Iowa City. If they get too hot on the playground, they can head over to the fountain.

"We enjoy coming down here," said Scott Harms, who lives in Iowa City. "We come down here quite a bit. The kids love to play around."

Yet, the area was a crime scene early Sunday morning when someone shot a gun in the air.

"I can't say I was surprised," said Jeni Michelson, who lives in Iowa City. "I mean, it's a part of living in a city."

Others were more surprised to hear the news, people who live here and guests from out-of-state.

"Always thought of Iowa City as a little safe haven," said Justin Feinstein, who lives in Brooklyn, New York. "Definitely didn't hear of anything like that when we were here back then."

Of course, parents aren't typically out on the Ped Mall with their young children at 1:30 in the morning. And a lot of people feel that in the overnight hours, the Ped Mall is a very different place.

People who were at The Union Bar around closing time say they heard the gunshots -- and could see police through the windows. They tell us the bar was locked down.

A lot of people in the college town are out on the Ped Mall late at night and students tell us the gunfire will have them thinking the next time they're walking around during those hours.

"It definitely will make me take more precaution, ask to walk with a friend," said Robin Chang, a University of Iowa Student.

Overall, people feel the Ped Mall is still safe.

"I don't consider it a dangerous place," said Michelson.

They don't plan to stay away due to one situation.
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