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Close call: car chase crashes into playhouse minutes after kids leave

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A high speed chase ends in a family's yard where kids had been playing just minutes before.

Linn County sheriff's deputies tried to pull over a car, believing the people inside had just ran from an area in Cedar Rapids where shots had been fired. They say the driver sped into Johnson County, ending up on East Elm Street in Solon.

Davie Meredith and her three kids watched as that high speed chase sent a car barreling through their yard, crashing into the playhouse. Her three daughters had been playing inside just minutes before.

"That's terrifying," said Meredith. "If it would have happened a few minutes earlier it could have been a lot worse."

It was a close call. There's a lot of toys in the family's yard. You can tell the family spends a lot of time outside.

"We spent all day out here," said Meredith. "They were swimming and I was in the garden and they were playing in the playhouse and we had just walked up to our neighbors and that's when it happened."

They could hear it coming but never imagined it would get so close to them.

"We heard a siren down the street and then we could hear how fast the cars were going," said Meredith.

Sheriff's deputies interviewed the family about what they saw. The family's 3-year-old spent the day playing investigator with her notepad, asking people questions.

The family is almost joking now, and glad none of them were hurt, though their playhouse was destroyed.

"It was different," said Meredith. "It doesn't happen very often around here. But it turned out ok."

That chase did not end when the car crashed into the playhouse. In fact, the people who were inside the car ran away but deputies were able to catch up with them. 

 The five people inside the car were arrested and face several charges and more may be coming. According to Cedar Rapids police, there was a second car full of people involved in the gunfire but they have not been found. Nobody was hurt in the crossfire.

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