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Coralville man's family killed in Gaza, afraid there could be more

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The ongoing Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip is a world away, but the killings there are impacting one man in eastern Iowa.

Yaser Abudagga lives in Coralville and has already lost three family members amid the chaos and confusion along the Gaza Strip.

He's afraid he could be mourning even more in just a matter of time.

"Constantly worried about them," said Abudagga. "I can't eat, I can't sleep, I barely sleep at night just trying to keep up with what's going on. It's a terrible situation and people are dying everyday."

Abudagga says in that whole Gaza region there are no safe zones. He says attackers are bombing by air and by sea plaguing the small Palestinian region of close to 2 million people.

His great aunt, Khavara Abudagga, 85 and two cousins, Amrou Abudagga, 10, and Ibrahim Abudagga, 22, were killed after a drone hit a taxi they were riding in. He says three other members of his family are severely injured, including his 27-year-old second cousin, Madlin Abudagga, who is pregnant and might not survive.

"They were actually going to visit their son that was actually injured the day before standing outside his house," said Abudagga.

Abudagga grew up along the Gaza Strip and was afraid to do anything.

He says hearing about the killings and continuous torture of the Palestinian people, he fears it's only a matter of time that his immediate family--mom, dad, and siblings will be next.

His parents live just along the boarder in the heart of the attacks. He says he only has hope to hold on to.

"Just the other day the house next to them was completely demolished and then two other houses were damaged," said Abudagga. "I'm praying everyday that they're safe, it's just unbelievable nerve-wracking just to think about what's happening."

Abudagga tries to talk with his family at least three times a day, each time praying to get an answer.

Abudagga says there's a local demonstration Thursday on the Pentacrest in Iowa City starting at 5 p.m.


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