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Fareway Dietitian: RAGBRAI Nutrition

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During extensive endurance training, an athlete needs proper nutrition before, during and after the workout. Carbohydrates, fat and protein are essential in meeting three main goals:

1. Provide calories

2. Restore glycogen

3. Repair lean body mass

Intake is tailored to the time associated with the workout.

  • Pre-exercise

Meals three to four hours before exercise should have low glycemic index, low fiber, low fat and low protein.

  • During exercise

If exercise lasts longer than 45 minutes, energy and fluid balance must be maintained. Recommended is items high in carbohydrates, and also sports drinks and water. Raisins make for a good mid-workout snack as well.

  • Post-exercise
Exercise recovery has two main goals: restore glycogen and restore muscle. Dietitians recommend eating a snack within 30 minutes after a workout. Chocolate milk or a protein recovery shake are viable choices to help meet these goals after exercise.
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