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Chris Christie deflects Presidential ambitions during Iowa stop

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New Jersey Governor Chris Christie came to Iowa Thursday to help in Gov. Terry Branstad's re-election campaign.

Christie deflected attention away from a presidential bid during a stop in Marion.

As Chris Christie signed autographs at a restaurant, evidence his pop culture appearance on The Tonight Show paid off with younger people.

"He did the evolution of dance with Jimmy Fallon and ever since then, loved him," said 16-year-old Spencer Wilhelm.

Christie's possible presidential bid was the big buzz....though he was in the state to help Governor Branstad's re-election campaign.

At a news conference, he said any presidential decision would be a long way off.

"You know, I'll decide at some point whether I'm going to or not, but that's a really personal decision. Most voters understand that too. While I appreciate the encouragement, it's incredibly flattering and gratifying, in the end that's a decision you make in here," said Christie.

Supporters say Christie's leadership style would be refreshing in Washington.

"I think he's very honest, very blunt. I've been accused of that, too. I don't care. As long as you tell the truth," said David Larson of Dubuque.

"If you want to be universally loved in this business, then you're an absolute poster boy for being ineffective. I don't care about being loved. I care about being respected. In the end, if some people don't like me, that's their business and that's their choice, it's a free country. But I am who I am, and I'll be who I am and I think most people appreciate that," said Christie

Christie says he'll return to Iowa whenever Branstad wants him to come back. One place he won't be is at the Family Leadership Summit next month. That's where several of tRepublicanicn hopefuls for 2016 will gather.

Christie headlined fundraisers in Des Moines for Governor Branstad and Cedar Rapids for House Speaker Kraig Paulsen.

He wrapped up in Davenport with a speech before a crowd gathered there.

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