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Online petition wants city to cover storm drains

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CEDAR RAPIDS (KWWL) - Unsafe storm drains are not uncommon across the country, but an an online petition is underway asking Cedar Rapids to put grates or covers at the entrances of all storm drains to prevent another death.

Some say a grate or cover at the entrance of storm drains might have prevented the death off 17-year-old Logan Blake.

Blake's body was found in the Cedar Lake after he tried to get a Frisbee from a stream of storm runoff when he was swept into a storm drain and carried into Cedar Lake, in early July.

"My granddaughter used to play down there," said Carolyn Lindsey who lives just blocks away from the storm drain. "I was kind of shocked I didn't even realize it was there."

Lindsey has been living in the same house for 20 years and never realized the danger of that storm drain.

She heard about the new petition urging the city of Cedar Rapids to cover all storm drains across the city, and she had no problem signing it.

The petition has nearly 400 signatures and was created not long after Logan's body was recovered.

The petition's website states "1 teen death is TOO much," creators and signers are hoping the city will cover all drains helping to prevent another tragedy.

Megan Murphy works in the communications division for this city, she tells KWWL safety is always a consideration.

We asked her would the city consider covering any storm drains, she said "no comment."

"I'm not certain that it would be the only or the best way to protect kids," said Nathan Williams, a father of two boys. "Obviously protecting kids is important."

Williams says there are other factors to consider before signing the petition.

He thinks the drains probably aren't covered because the grates might hinder the storm drain from doing it's job, like clogging debris and preventing the water from properly flowing.

"Obviously safety is a critical thing, it's not the absolute only thing," said Williams.

Petitioners are hoping to get 999 signatures, there's still no word on when the petition will be presented to city leaders.

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