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City responds to North Liberty couple's flooded backyard, basement

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Imagine if your backyard turned into a lake and your basement flooded every time it rained.

It's a reality for a North Liberty couple who came straight KWWL looking for answers as to why the lawn in their backyard continues to look like a lake after heavy rainfall.

We first told you about Ryan and Renee McGinnis, Monday.

"Hoping he tells us that there can be a solution to this problem," said Ryan McGinnis.

North Liberty leaders held a a meeting Tuesday, after we aired the story to discuss the problem impacting the McGinnis' and others in their neighborhood.

"The infrastructure in place is working the way it was designed to work," said North Liberty communications director Nick Bergus. "Its really important that homeowners have sump pumps that will maintain and be able to pump that water back out and keep up with those storms."

However, the McGinnis' say they now three sump pumps and the problem is still happening.

They can't store things in their basement because of fear it will get ruined again.

"We've had to rip out dry wall, carpet, we've had the rip out the toilet," said Renne McGinnis. "We bought this home with the hope of staying here for a while, and the hope of trying to enjoy our lives in this home for many more years."

They've had to purchase five fans and two dehumidifiers to try and keep moisture out of their basement.

While KWWL went straight to city leaders hoping to get this family some answers about the constant flooding in their basement and backyard, the city is standing by their claim.

"That's where it's supposed to collect so that it can go into those drains and when it fills up it's supposed to drain out into the street into storm drains that are in the street," said Bergus.

"It's not only affecting us, it's affecting our whole neighborhood," said McGinnis. "Basically what they told us was that the city engineer wasn't in the office this week, he should be back sometime next week, so I'm just waiting to hear back from him."

Bergus assures us that once the city administrator returns to his office, he will give the couple a call to revisit the drain to make sure it working exactly how it's supposed to.

"It's frustrating and it's scary because our home is continuing to sustain damage," said Renee.

KWWL will continue stay on top of this.


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