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13 years later: Crystal Arensdorf's family still searching for answers

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A Dubuque family is still searching for answers 13 years after 20-year-old Crystal Arensdorf disappeared without a trace. Arensdorf was last seen at Knicker's Saloon in Dubuque during the early morning of July 4, 2001. Dubuque Police say she was there with friends and trying to get a ride to East Dubuque, Illinois.

Jennifer Pruetsch, Crystal's sister, said it's a night she will never forget.

"As soon as we figured out the next morning that she never came home I went pounding on doors. I went to Knicker's to find out who was there, I pounded on those people's doors, and just followed and followed," Pruetsch said.

Through the years, Pruetsch said the family and Dubuque police have received hundreds of leads as to where Crystal might be or might have gone to, but so far those leads have not lead to answers.

"It doesn't get any easier. Everyone says it gets easier with time, but it doesn't - it gets worse, at least in my opinion. I think it's so much harder because we still don't have that closure that we need. We still don't know. I mean within a matter of a minute our sister disappeared and we don't know anything," Pruetsch said.

Pruetsch said Dubuque police have assigned a new investigator to Arensdorf's case.

"I think he has 17 big fat binders of leads. So he is going back through all of that and looking at things," Pruetsch said Sunday.

Since Arensdorf has been missing for 13 years, Pruetsch said she knows the outcome of finding answers may not be good, but her family is hopeful for closure.

"After 13 years, if she is being held hostage somewhere I really don't think I'd want that for her. 13 years of torture, no. I'd rather her be gone and in Heaven," Pruetsch said.

For more information about Crystal Arensdorf's missing persons case, CLICK HERE.

If you have any information about Crystal Arensdorf contact the Dubuque Police Department. Pruetsch said any information big or small could help.

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