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UIHC tips for summer safety

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Doctors and nurses at the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinic's Burn Treatment Center say they've dealt with patients burned by bonfires as well as those with severe sunburn and are urging people to take caution during the holiday weekend.

Clinical Assistant Professor of Surgery at University of Iowa's Carver College of Medicine, Alice Fagin MD suggests the following tips to stay safe in the summer months:

-Leave the fireworks to trained experts

-Never light fireworks indoors or near dry grass

-Keep water or an extinguisher nearby

-If you have a boat, make sure to keep a fire extinguisher on board

-Use broad spectrum sunscreen (at least 15 SPF) and follow application instructions

-Watch children near fireworks, fires and grills, and keep them at least 10 feet away

-When using a gas grill, make sure the fuel line is secured to the gas tank

-Don't wear loose or frayed clothes near a fire

-Keep lighters and matches away from children

-Don't use gasoline to start a campfire or bonfire

-Never leave campfires and bonfires unattended

In 2012, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, 8,700 people were treated in emergency rooms for fireworks-related injuries.

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