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How to keep pets safe during fireworks

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Fireworks and pets - not the best combination; at least that's what the Cedar Rapids Animal Control says.

"As the fireworks pop and bang and sparkle, many pets get stressed out, and fear can cause them to break through screens, jump fences, and flee.  They just don't think or behave as they normally do," said Diane Webber, Program Manager for Cedar Rapids Animal Care and Control.

Animal Control recommends leaving pets at home inside, and in a dark, cool, familiar environment. Owners can even play soothing music to help calm the animal, and also pull down shades and curtains to avoid flashes from the fireworks.

While moms and dads of cats and dogs may want to cuddle their pet to protect them from the noise, experts say to avoid doing this; it can actually send the message that the panicked reaction is the right one. Instead, owners should act like nothing is out of the ordinary and the pet will pick up on the behavior.

Other pet-worthy tips:

  • Loud booms can damage a pet's hearing; keeping them inside is best during fireworks
  • If a pet suffers a burn or injury, call a veterinarian immediately
  • If a pet eats a firework, or part of one, call a veterinarian; inducing vomiting could be necessary

If a pet goes missing, owners are urged to call Animal Control in their respective cities and counties to report the lost pet as soon as possible.

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