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Eastern Iowa Vet talks about care after new VA national report

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A new national report shows more than 1,000 veterans across the United States may have died due to bad VA care, in the last decade.

Over the last several weeks, government investigations have shown a history of bad scheduling practices when it comes to VA care.

Janell Probst-Goode joined the Army back in 1978; she was only 29 years old.

She says she gets great care and treatment at the Iowa City VA hospital weekly, but that wasn't the case when she was getting treatment at a VA facility in Texas.

She says physicians there gave her too much of a certain medication causing her to not be able to read, and sometimes she couldn't even walk.

“Not always, not nearly always,” said Probst-Goode. “Once you have a psychological tag, they don’t consider that maybe there’s an underlying sensitivity to drugs.”

When hearing more than 1,000 veterans across the U.S. have died over the last decade due to lack of care, Probst-Goode says that’s not OK.

“Personal feelings about what it is that’s causing you to feel wrong, sometimes takes precedence over what the doctors and nurses are reading into things,” said Probst-Goode. “More tests need to be given.”

She says sadly enough, many physicians and medical staff at VA medical centers across the country fail to truly understand the symptoms veterans are experiencing because of the psychological needs veterans may face.

The Oklahoma Senator who authored the study wants the government to offer veterans access to private hospitals as well.


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