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Cedar Rapids police warn about counterfeit checks

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Cedar Rapids police are warning that you might be a victim of a scam and not even know it.

Investigators with the police department are discovering an increase in the number of counterfeit business checks in the Cedar Rapids area.

The criminals take a simple picture of a real business check, make a copy of it, and create the counterfeit checks using sophisticated printers.

"What has happened is the suspects will find a legitimate business, make a copy of their check, change the routing number on it, put their own name on there and be able to get away with the money," said Greg Buelow, Cedar Rapids police spokesperson.

He says the criminals are brazen, asking people to cash the fake checks, claiming they don't have an I.D., and if the victim cashes the check, they could face forgery charges.

In some cases, Buelow says the criminals are asking their victims to deposit the check into their account and then turn around to withdraw the money from the ATM.

The counterfeit checks are being cashed at banks, grocery stores, and check cashing businesses.

Buelow says the people cashing the counterfeit check could face criminal forgery charges, and civil charges by being held responsible for the loss to the business.

Police recommend that individuals to be very cautious of cashing checks for other people.

Buelow says businesses should thoroughly verify before cashing all checks and they have a right to refuse to cash a check.

If you see any suspicious activity regarding these fake checks your asked to call the Investigative Division at 319-286-5400


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