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Residents cleaning after storms hit southwest Cedar Rapids

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Severe thunderstorms which hit eastern Iowa late Monday night into early Tuesday morning have Cedar Rapids residents still cleaning up.

"It was dangerous and it was quick," said Jack Hooker who lives on 18th Street SW. "When I heard that roar it wasn't 30 second later, it literally went right over my head.

Residents living on 18th Street SW say once the storms passed through, they couldn't see the extent of the damage.

"I wasn't aware there was this much damage," said Ken Miller. "I mean there's tree after tree, after tree fell. I heard this big rumbling sound, you could tell it was something more than just wind."

Miller says his home was missed, but that wasn't the case for Samantha Bradley.

"Our garage had been moved," said Bradley. "The whole thing was sitting on top of a tree that was on top of my car. We could actually see the tree that had fallen on our house from our basement window."

Windows busted, twisted metal, and power lines were tossed right in Bradley's backyard and throughout the southwest Cedar Rapids neighborhood.

"Lightning struck across the street, knocked out the transformer," said Jack Hoover.

Hoover was outside right before the storm passed. He says it was a sound that he'd never heard before.

"I started to walk back in the house and I heard the absolute roar, and you've heard terms where it sounds like a freight train and that's exactly what it sounded like. I've never heard that before," said Hoover.

While people in area say they have along road ahead in clearing piles and piles of mess, they're just glad to be alive.

"Could've been a lot worse," said Bradley. "Luckily the house didn't fall in or anything like that."

Jefferson High School's baseball field was damaged.

Their portable batting cage and an outfield fence.

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