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Bosnian immigrants watch team make World Cup history

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WATERLOO (KWWL) - World Cup fever hit Waterloo Sunday, but not for Team USA. The city is home to thousands of Bosnian immigrants and for the first time as an independent country Bosnia-Herzegovina is competing in the World Cup.

Saed Sarkic joined dozens of other Bosnian immigrants in the BH Club United Bar and Restaurant in Waterloo to watch their beloved team make history.

"Being very far from home, this is a way where we can unite as a country through one of the biggest passions that everyone shares," said Sarkic.

Sarkic and his parents left Bosnia for Waterloo after the civil war. He says Sunday's soccer match is as close to home as it gets.

"Through everything we've been through with the war, with the recent floods, it's just a way to unite and with everyone being interested in soccer, it's just a way to unite everyone," said Sarkic. 

The BH Club United Bar was established three years ago for people in Waterloo to share the Bosnian culture together.

"It's everything to me and for the people," said Mersim Osmicevic, bar manager. 

 Osmicevic has been the manager that whole time, and even though the game may not have turned out the way they wanted he says he's still proud of his team.

"It might be a loss today, but it going to be better in the next two games," said Osmicevic.

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