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'Dirty Jobs' host Mike Rowe: A trade could be better than college

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When thinking of dirty jobs might you think of doing difficult, disgusting and sometimes messy duties, with little pay.

Mike Rowe, creator and host of the TV show Dirty Jobs knows all about skilled labor and is an expert and advocate of many skilled labor jobs.

He says going to a 2-year trade school could be the same as getting a 4-year education, with less tuition pay and sometimes more experience.

With recent talks of student loan debt, Rowe says college education is great, but students should look at all options, potentially saving money.

“Alternative education becomes a subordinate catch all phrase, and over here higher education and everything that assumptively comes with it,” said Rowe. “You just have to put it all on the table and you just have to get right in kids faces, show them examples that might challenge.”

Rowe says parents sometimes tell their kids the kinds of jobs they secretly hope they’ll will pursue, however he says parents shouldn't force it.

Getting a 4-year expensive college education, Rowe says is not always the best option and students should try new things.

“Try things that makes you uncomfortable, take the reverse commute,” said Rowe.“The definition is that of a good job, we get to decide what it is, what it’s worth, we get to decide all of it. The good news is we have, the bad news is we have.”

Rowe says picking up a trade or skill is one that challenges the mind, the body and not always your pockets.

“If you see a plumber on TV the odds are very good to see 350 pounds with a giant butt crack,” said Rowe. “There’s a lot of fiction with that belief.”

Lori Schaefer-Weaton, president of Agri-ndustrial Plastics Co, says when her company hires workers based on skills sets that add to the team.

“We want an educated workforce, I think there’s a lot of value in that, but what we really want to cultivate is that being part of a team and that everyone can contribute.”

Rowe will be speaking at the Iowa Association of Business and Industry annual conference in Cedar Rapids June 11 at the Paramount Theater.

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