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Truckers talk regulations after fatal crash

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In the wake of fatal crash that injured actor Tracy Morgan, new information is emerging that the driver of the semi that possibly caused the accident had been awake for more than 24 hours.

That, experts say, is too long. Federal regulations allow drivers to be on the clock for 14 hours, 11 of which can be behind the wheel. Then, they have to take 10 consecutive hours off.

Caitlin Reisner, an Iowa Department of Transportation Motor Vehicle Enforcement officers, enforces these rules.

"It's just like any other police work," she said. "It requires a little bit of investigation."

She said many try to cheat the system though, by forging their logs.

Some are smarter than others.

"Somebody will show they went to bed in one city and woke up in another city," Reisner said. "Some truck drivers will keep two log books, one that's completely false and one that's kind of true."

Michael Barnes owns his own trucking company, and was driving through Iowa Monday on his way to deliver electrical components to Florida. He said sometimes, much of his shift is spent not on the road, but waiting for his truck to be loaded.

"We get a lot of time wasted sitting around," he said. "That's where a big problem is."

Still, he said when times up, it's time to get off the road.

"What we do does help save lives," Reisner said. "We get a lot of drivers that are over their hours, and they do need to take a break."

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