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Eastern Iowa seeing more pesky gnats

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The annoying small two-winged insects you've probably noticed swarming the moment you stepped outside, are in full swing.

If you’re annoyed by gnats this season, you’re not alone.

Ken Holscher, an entomologists at Iowa State University says they've had more calls come in about the irritating insects.

He says biting gnats, or the black fly are spotted in central and eastern Iowa.

“Annoying, they’re always there and they’re so small that you can’t like get them away and they like my blood,” said landscaper Izzy Scoblic.

Holscher says there are two types of gnats, the biting ones and the non-biting ones, both are pretty harmless to humans.

Scoblic normally works 40 hours a week outdoors and deal with the pesky pests all the time.

“Normal bug spray, I don’t think works,” said Scoblic. “I have like ten bites probably.”

Holscher says normal bug spray doesn't work.

“There’s nothing you can really do,” said Holscher. “There’s no good answer.”

However he says you should try to cover as much skin as possible and recommends avoiding outside when the sun is out. Most biting gnats are daytime biters and love humidity.

Fresh flowing water like rivers, creeks and streams are places those irritating insects call home.

“They get in your ears they bite you,” said Jeremy Curd. “I have an absorbent junior and I’ve kind of used mine up, it’s about time to get some more. I swat them, if they’re biting you in your ear and going in your mouth you have to do something. Try to keep them away from me, I guess. As best a possible.”

Holscher says the gnats should be gone within the next 2-3 weeks, but once they’re gone, mosquitoes will follow.

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