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Analyst: Attacks ads to be major part of Senate race

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In the race for Iowa's open U.S. Senate seat, there are going to be plenty of attack ads, according to KWWL Political Analyst Chris Larimer.

After Republican Joni Ernst secured the primary nomination Tuesday, opponent Democrat Bruce Braley released an ad criticizing her Wednesday morning, "Peep."

The ad claims that when Ernst had a change to make a difference in the Iowa Legislature, "Joni didn't make a peep."

"With our new ad, we’re simply telling voters that while state Sen. Ernst says one thing on TV, her record is something else entirely," Jeff Giertz, with the Braley campaign, said. "There’s a clear choice in this election between Bruce Braley’s proven record of fighting for working families and state Sen. Ernst’s out-of-step views."

In response to the ad, the Ernst campaign sent this statement.

"On Day 1 of the general election campaign, Bruce Braley has already turned to negative attack ads, pecking at mother, soldier, and proven conservative Joni Ernst," Ernst representative Derek Flowers wrote. "Joni Ernst doesn't have to say a peep as her record of service to her community, state and nation as a public servant and as a Lieutenant Colonel in the Army National Guard speaks for itself."

Ernst, however, sounded-off at Braley Tuesday night.

"Think about Congressman Bruce Braley for a second," she told supporters, breaking into laughter.

Larimer said he expects $10-20 million to be spent on this Senate race, and inevitably, some will go to attack ads.

"People tend to remember negative information more easily than positive information," he said.

He said campaigns are about simplicity, and negativity is simple.

"For the most part, voters don't remember a lot of the complex policy details, and frankly, don't want to," Larimer said. "It's easier to remember a story where you have a narrative of a good guy and a bad guy, and I think that's what a lot of the campaigns are trying to do."

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