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Long-term pothole paving project underway in Cedar Rapids

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CEDAR RAPIDS (KWWL) - Streets are in Iowa are in rough shape. Potholes just seem to be everywhere.

"The worst one is out front here," said Connie Walkner, who lives in Cedar Rapids. "We've hit it a couple times. It's really bad. It really is."

"Potholes are horrible," said Tina Kaplan, who lives in Cedar Rapids. "Everywhere you go. They're insane. They're just bad."

Of course, driving on the bumps isn't just annoying. Potholes can do some pretty serious damage to your car.

"I hit a pothole and it had chunks of cement that were loose around it and they had come up and actually hit underneath my car," said Kaplan.

The good news is that in Cedar Rapids crews are fixing many streets across the city, calling the project Paving for Progress. It's thanks to the 1 percent Local Option Sales Tax voters approved in November.

"It's been a little overdue, I think," said Walkner.

Until this year, Cedar Rapids used the 1 percent LOST tax for flood recovery. Starting July 1, the funds can only be used for street repair.

The city has a list of streets in all four quadrants that it plans to fix this year.

"As long as they're getting fixed, that's all that matters," said Kaplan.

The tax rate is set for the next 10 years -- meaning many more streets will be fixed in the future.

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