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Irving Elementary club gets kids active and ready for the school day

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WATERLOO (KWWL) - About 200 students at Irving Elementary in Waterloo arrive before school for this walking/running club. The club was just started by physical education teacher Cory Arensdorf.

He said he was inspired to start the club after attending a P.E. conference where he learned how physical activity can positively impact a student's ability to learn.

"A child sitting down for 15 to 20 minutes, their brain activity was the size of a half dollar, and then they showed another scan of the same kid that did 15 to 20 minutes of walking or some type of exercise and showed his brain activity and it literally almost tripled in size," said Cory Arensdorf.

Arensdorf wants to instill the importance of being physically active, but he also wants these students to be better prepared for the school day.

"The better they're going to sit down, and learn and be ready to learn and want to learn and want to be here most importantly," said Arensdorf.

For each lap walked around the football field, the students get a punch on a card. Five laps equal one mile. Teacher Cory Arensdorf said at first he told students they'd get a prize once they got 25 punches, which is five miles.

However,Arensdorf said the students aren't asking for prizes. They simply feel good about getting punches.

He said the walking club is even helping students who typically run late get to school on time.

"What made you get here on time? I didn't want to miss the running/walking club, and to me it was awesome. It's doing stuff I didn't anticipate it doing," said Arensdorf.

Arensdorf said in just a few weeks he's noticed a positive difference in many of the students during the school day. The last day of school is June 9th, but Arensdorf plans to resume the club as soon as school starts up again in the fall.
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