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Dangerous decals? Some say a decorated car puts you at risk

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LINN COUNTY (KWWL) - Sarah Wilkins is a proud mom and loves car decals that show your family.

"I have the family stickers," said Wilkins, who lives in Cedar Rapids. "I got them at Menards on sale but then I didn't put them on because I found out I was pregnant and I can't find a baby one to put on."

But across the country, some law enforcement agencies have been warning people to think twice before decking out their cars, and not just family decals but bumper stickers and even parking passes. Think of all the information you're handing out to potential criminals.

"I still think it's kind of ridiculous," said Julia Hale, who lives in Cedar Rapids.  "They're just stickers. I don't think anyone, I mean maybe, but I don't think anyone would care."

When you stop and think about it stickers can say a lot about you and your family like where your kids go to school and what sports they play.

We did check with the Linn County Sheriff and the Cedar Rapids Police Department and neither has ever heard of stickers like this leading to a crime. Still, it has wilkins thinking about whether she wants to decorate her minivan.

"I never wanted to put them on before because I didn't want stickers on the car but I thought that the stick people were cute so I was going to put them on when we got our van but I don't know," said Wilkins. "I might think twice about it."

She's not sure how much personal information she wants to make public.
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