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Dyersville Police: Teens who offered candy did not mean any harm, thought they were funny

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The Dyersville Police Department said two teenagers thought they were being funny by enticing young women with candy. The Police Department investigated a possible child enticement call in the area of the 500 block of 2nd Avenue SE in Dyersville Thursday. The suspected vehicle was occupied by what appeared to be two high school age males, drinking beer, and asking young females if they "wanted some candy," according to the press release. Police said at the time of the call the vehicle was unable to be located.

On Friday, a witness to the incident called the Dyersville Police Department and identified the driver of the vehicle. The driver and the parent came to the police department and were interviewed about the incident.

Officials determined it was a statement made using poor judgment. Neither the occupants meant any harm by their statements, rather they thought they were being funny.

Police said it was also determined alcohol was not a factor in the incident.

Dyersville Police Chief, Brent Schroeder, said the seriousness of their actions and possible consequences were discussed with the teenagers. He said the matter is being turned over to the individuals parents.

Kristine Clark lives in the 500 block of 2nd Avenue SE in Dyersville. She said she this is just another reminder parents need to teach kids about stranger danger.

"Even if they are trying to lure you in with candy or some other treat do not go anywhere near them, get away as fast as you can and try to find an adult that you know," Clark said Friday.

She also said it's another reminder to watch your children closely.

"I will spend more time outside with (my son) or just being out in the area so that I can monitor (my son) and even other kids in the neighborhood," Clark said.

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