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City, 'nuisance property' in court

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Waterloo Police say they're being called to a bar in downtown too often, and are billing the operators as a result.

Director of Safety Services Dan Trelka said his officers have had to break up fights, assaults, and even responded to a stabbing outside Club 319.

"We realize that bars, there is going to be this kind of activity, but we're trying to decide what's tolerable," he said.

The city has deemed the property a chronic nuisance under a new ordinance. This allows them to bill the business for police time -- $50 per officer, per hour.

Club 319 is appealing the decision.

"We went to trial this week and we're still waiting on a determination from the judge," Trelka said. "But we wanted one of these to go to trial because we had the desire to have the ordinance tested."

KWWL first brought you this story back in November. Even then, owner William Micou proved difficult to contact. After that report aired, men claiming to be operators of the club said they'd like to share their side of the story. However, they have yet to accept KWWL's invitation to appear on-camera.

According to an email Micou sent to Trelka, the bar has installed security camera and metal detectors. They've also instituted a dress code, and plan to ban men under age 25 from entering.

Trelka said these changes are a forced effort, but a step in the right direction, because the draw on police resources cannot continue.

"If it takes 8, 9, 10 officers to respond to a problem at any particular property in the city, all the other properties, all the thousands of properties in the city are being denied that service," Trelka said,

Trelka anticipates the decision should come in the next few weeks.

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