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Does it Really Work? "It Works!" Body Wraps

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WATERLOO (KWWL) - It's a trend taking over social media claiming body wraps that tighten, tone and firm areas of the body.

People post dramatic before and after photos on sites like Facebook and Twitter after they use the "It Works!" body wrap, and independent distributors claim it's helping them get out of debt.

And if seeing is believing, the body wraps might just be the quickest, easiest way to get that summer bod.

No "It Works!" distributor was allowed to talk to the media about the wraps, stating it was company policy.

So KWWL producer Sommer Steiner consulted a distributor, asked for advice on what product to purchase and bought the "Ultimate Body Applicator," a set of four body wraps, for $99.

"It's a lot thinner than I thought it would be," said Steiner.

Before applying the body wrap, Steiner read an email reminder from the distributor.

"It's essential to take photos before from the front and side view to use as comparables," she read.

According to the instructions, it's important for first-time users to apply it for only 45-minutes to make sure there's no sensitivity to the natural ingredients.

"It feels like I'm putting seaweed on myself or something," Steiner said.

Dr. Bryan Sands, a dermatologist at Dermatology Associates in Waterloo, said he can't recommend the wrap because it's not FDA approved and there are no controlled studies on the product.

He said some of the ingredients are alarming, and if people are on certain medications, they need to be careful. He said people on blood pressure medications need to be cautious before using an It Works! body wrap, as well as anyone with thyroid issues or sensitivity to caffeine.

In March, Sands attended the annual American Academy of Dermatology conference, which he says is one of the largest meetings of dermatologists from around the world, and he didn't see any It Works! booths or information.

He said most new products would be introduced there.

KWWL reached out to It Works! Global, the company that makes the wraps.

The company only responded to two questions.

Q. How many people don't notice any results from the body wraps?
A. "Each box of the It Works! Wrap contains four individually packaged wraps, so for best results use each wrap on the same target area every 72 hours."

Q. How long do the results last, or are they permanent?
A. "The wrap's ingredients work on targeted areas for approximately 72 hours after application, meaning a user may continue to see progressive results. Through consistent use and by maintaining a proper diet and exercise routine, users may experience positive body firming results over an indefinite period of time."

KWWL also asked the following questions of It Works! Global, however, did not receive any responses:

-How confident are you that these wraps are worth the cost?
-There are some people who say these wraps are no different then just using saran wrap to lose weight -- what's your response?
-There are some people who believe your company is a "pyramid scheme" or sorts -- what is your response?

Meanwhile, Steiner gave the It Works! body wrap an "F" grade because she gained half an inch immediately after removing the wrap.

She reported losing that same amount within 24-hours, but for Steiner, the results weren't significant enough to keep her coming back for more.

"Obviously pictures are like, they compel you to want to try it because it's like, 'Oh, their results were fantastic!' but I don't know it's kind of hoaky," she said.
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