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Politicians using climate change as wedge issue

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As the political debate season continues, candidates may slice and dice the climate change issue, or maybe even snag it as part of their platform heading into elections.

Scientists say climate change is a real problem, though, that supersedes any political agenda.

NBC News obtained a recent report in which experts express legitimate concern about climate change, and how it might impact historic monuments. The reports shows weather events could potentially change the landscape of famous sites across the country.

One of the biggest concerns for scientists is the change in sea level. Some predict Jamestown, Virginia, to be underwater by the turn of the century.

Storms surrounding the Kennedy Space Center could potentially threaten the fate of the center's launch pads, which sent the first astronauts into space.

"There are going to be places we learn about in school that we will no longer be able to visit or see in the future unless we do something about this problem," said Adam Markham with the Union of Concerned Scientists.

Other issues include flooding and wildfires, as some western states are already faced with warmer seasons, increasing the risk for wildfires.

Experts say their biggest worry, though, is still rising waters. They say parts along the Atlantic Coast have risen up to four times faster than the national average.
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