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Coralville moves Old Town Hall

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CORALVILLE (KWWL) - It's a historic building, some 130 years old.

"Old Town Hall was built in Coralville in the 1880s, first as a church the Ecclesiastical Union Church," said Ellen Habel, Assistant City Administrator for the City of Coralville. "It was the second church in Coralville, built after the first one burned down and since then it's been used for many, many purposes."

Tuesday crews began moving Old Town Hall to its new home. Goodwin House Moving put the building on the back of a truck and drove it down the street.

"It's pretty amazing watching something that big get moved," said Greg Anderson, who lives in Coralville.

The move happens gradually, just inches at a time, and movers hit some delays: first a street light, later a tree.

"This is a pretty fragile building and because of that and being moved before and different things that add up over the years," said Rick Goodwin, Owner of Goodwin House Moving. "We're being a little more careful, a little slower than normal."

Relocating the building makes room for the Old Town Development -- commercial space, townhomes, and condos in an area that was heavily damaged during the floods of 2008.

"We're calling it Reimagine 5th," said Habel. "We've put in a lot of permanent flood protection to a level of 1 foot above the 2008 flood. We've refurbished the school house over the last couple years. We have the Old Town Development taking place."

The new location is right by the 1876 schoolhouse.

"The streetscaping will include some columns along the street that will echo the bell tower on the schoolhouse so we're going to see a lot of things that echo the history of Coralville," said Habel.

As Coralville plans for its future, city leaders are still deciding how to use the building from the past.

The move will continue Wednesday.
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