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Political candidates using their children more in TV ads

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We are exactly two weeks away from Iowa's primary elections and political ads are taking over the airways, from Monica Vernon's daughters touting their mother's success to get her elected to congress to Mark Jacobs' children giving him advice for his senate campaign.

Candidates' kids are becoming more and more involved, but are these family ads effective?

"I think it can be effective. I've noticed at least two candidates right now using their children and it's really caught my attention," said Linda Bengston in Cedar Falls.

"I think it's all right if the child's old enough to really understand political issues and knows what their parent is really thinking and expressing," said John Crabb also in Cedar Falls. 

KWWL political analyst Chris Larimer says the candidates don't want to look like the "run of the mill" politicians, they want to be relatable. He says people are skeptical of politics and elected officials.

"We know that trust in government is way down and couple the reasons are that one people think politicians are out of touch and the other reason is that they view politicians as sort of career politicians, that their in it for their own good that they're pursuing power for it's own end," said Larimer.

Larimer says we will see this more in the future. He says people remember emotional appeals rather than policy appeals before they head to the polls.

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