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Does It Really Work? The Pocket Hose Ultra

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Spring weather means spring yard work and gardening for most of us. How often do you buy a new garden hose? Many can crack over the winter causing leaks. They can be bulky. Maybe you don't have the room to store it. The Pocket Hose Ultra claims to solve all those problems. But does it really work?

Maybe you've seen the ad on TV - the Pocket Hose Ultra - pitched by that guy from "Home Improvement". It sounds good - a lifetime guarantee, supposedly strong construction, and a water tight seal so we found an expert to try it. Randy Vandersee is the owner of Cedar Valley Lawn Care.

"'In your business, you use hoses a lot?' Yes. Almost daily. 'What is the key to a good hose?' Size and how long it lasts. 'What do you think about the Pocket Hose Ultra from what you've seen on TV?' It looks interesting. I'd be curious to see if it works like they say it does. 'Wanna hook it up and see what happens?' Let's do it!"

The first step is hooking it up.

"The fitting is plastic. I probably wouldn't like that for my application," noted Vandersee.

As promised, the hose expands with water and it's time to use it.

The water's flow is consistent but not the strongest, though one feature stands out.

"It has the ball valve which is kinda handy for watering trees and bushes so that's convenient instead of running back to your spigot over there and turning it off and on," said Vandersee.

Vandersee says the diameter of the hose is on the small side so if you're running two sprinklers off of it, it might not work as well.

Now, the test of putting it away.

The hose contracts as promised when the water's turned off - taking a smaller space to store it.

"Better than a traditional hose. This is a lot easier to handle and compact and we're not arm wrestling to get it wound up to put it away so that is definitely a big advantage. This is very convenient. The small, compact size and just putting it away so it's a little more neat and tidy," said Vandersee.

Putting it back in the box or in your pocket? That's a bit difficult.

But the question is does it really work?

"I'm going to go with it. It does. The real question should be "does it really last?" asked Vandersee.

So we give it a grade of A- for the Pocket Hose Ultra - with the test of time being the real question mark.

The Pocket Hose Ultra costs about $20 at most stores and is 50 feet long.

That's about twice the price of a standard similar-sized garden hose.

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