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Bosnians in eastern Iowa watch catastrophic flooding

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The floods and landslides in Bosnia and Serbia have claimed 25 lives while forcing thousands to leave their homes.

Thousands of miles away, a number Bosnians here in eastern Iowa are watching and worrying about their families.

Zuhra Hodzic and her family moved to the United States 16 years ago, but they still have a house in Bosnia.

Hodzic's family left last week to visit not knowing what was going on. When they arrived, they got a rude awakening.

"Instead of a two-hour drive ... from Sarajevo to our home, it took them nine hours to drive and actually get home because of the routes that they had to take," said Hodzic. "There was severe flooding that the car that we were with could not make it though the roads. Roads being torn apart, flooded, mudslides."

Luckily, her family's home is on a steep hill and they didn't have water inside their home. But Hodzic's not sure about her aunts and uncles' homes.

She says it's sad to see people there lose everything they've worked so hard for.

"In Bosnia, it's not like it is in the States," said Hodzic. "If our home gets destroyed by (a) tornado ... our insurance covers it and we get a new one. Over there ... what they build is now destroyed."

If you want to help, donations are being taken through Wells Fargo (#3767835139) and Bank of America (#3792996924).

The money will be sent to the Red Cross of Bosnia and used specifically for flooding.

There is also a Bosnia flooding fund set up online:

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