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Does It Really Work? Wipe New, Fast Brite

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If you have an older car, you may have headlights that are yellow and oxidized which don't shine very bright. That build up can pose a problem driving during the night, since your cars headlights as not as bright.

Wipe New and Fast Brite Lens Restore both claim to restore your car and make it look like new again.

According to the Wipe New website, "Until now, keeping your car looking like new involved applying and reapplying costly silicone based products, wasting tons of money and valuable time for only temporary cosmetic results. But now, with Wipe New, those days are over! It's as simple as applying Wipe New!"

The Fast Brite Lens Restore website offers a similar claim. According to the website, "Fast Brite Lens Restore is the fastest lens rejuvenation kit ever that will return your headlights to their showroom shine! Simply apply Fast Brite to your yellowed, oxidized lenses of your vehicles' headlights and watch the transformation in just seconds!"

We decided to try these products out on a car's headlights to see for ourselves if these products really work. Before we tried the product on our car, we decided to talk to a professional to get his thoughts on the products.

Jeff Jaeger is the owner Jaeger Auto Sales in Dubuque. The family-owned used car dealership is celebrating its 50th year in Dubuque. Jaeger said he uses a petroleum-based product to treat his used car's lenses.

KWWL gave Jaeger both Wipe New and Fast Brite Lens Restore to test on one of his used cars. Jaeger said he found Wipe New to work the best on removing the oxidation.

"It seems to go on easier, the other product is like a paste and I don't think it works as good," Jaeger said.

Jaeger said although the product worked, he isn't sold the product will last very long.

"It's probably comparable [to the product he already uses],but how long it lasts we don't know," Jaeger said.

We purchased the Wipe New kit for about $35 on the As Seen on TV website. The product came with a bonus detailing kit on the website, which KWWL did not use. When you receive the product you'll get three cloths, a pad, gloves and a small bottle. Do not worry about the bottle's size, the manufacturers say "a little goes a long way."

The directions tell you to first clean off the cars lens with water, then scrub the lens with the blue side of the small pad you received. They say to keep scrubbing the lens until a brown type liquid is off the lens. Once the brown liquid is off the lens, they tell you to wash the lens with water one more time.

Before you begin applying the product, the manufacturers advises you to wear plastic gloves while applying the product.

The product comes in a small plastic bottle, which you will shake for 10 seconds and pour onto one of the small yellow cloths. Remember, they tell you multiple times a little bit goes a long way. It should also be said that the product has a strong smell, so make sure you are in an open area when applying the product. Once you the small amount of liquid on the yellow cloth you can begin rubbing the cars lens.

When KWWL tried Wipe New the product seemed to work pretty well. The product did what was claimed and removed some of the oxidation off the car lens, but the lens did not look "like new."

KWWL's Grade: A

We also purchased Fast Brite Lens Restore on the As Seen on TV website for about $10. When you receive the product you will get two small bottles and a sponge. The directions for Fast Brite Lens Restore are very similar to Wipe New in that you clean off the lens with water before applying the product. Once the lens is cleaned you take the Fast Brite Lens Restore step one bottle and place a dime size on the orange side of the sponge. You then take the sponge and rub the product on the lens. The next step is to take the second bottle of Fast Brite Lens Restore labeled step 2 and apply that to the blue side of the sponge. You then take the blue side of the sponge and rub the lens vigorously for a couple of minutes.

When KWWL tried Fast Brite Lens Restore the product did not seem to work as well as Wipe New. The product did remove some of the lens' oxidation, but it was still pretty foggy.

KWWL'S Grade: B

In summary:

Product: Wipe New

Claim: Restore your car and make it look like new again

KWWL'S Grade: A

Bottom line: Product worked, but lens didn't look "like new."

Product: Fast Brite Lens Restore

Claim: Restore your cars headlights to showroom shine.

KWWL's Grade: B

Bottom line: Product got some oxidation off the lens, but definitely not "show room shine."

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