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Drew Collins rides bicycle in Elizabeth's memory in New York

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UTICA (KWWL) - Drew Collins has been preparing to ride for months now.

"I've just got to push through it, and give it my best," he said, pedaling on a bike trainer.

He's not working for himself, but the daughter he lost.

Elizabeth Collins was kidnapped and killed 2 years, along with her cousin, Lyric Cook. Investigators believe they were taken while riding their bikes at Meyers Lake in Evansdale.

To honor their memory, Drew Collins came to Utica, New York, this week to participate in the Ride for Missing and Exploited Children, and met a lot of people who understand his pain.

"It's kind of like being in a foreign country and not speaking the language, and then finding someone that speaks your language," he said.

Hundreds of cyclists will ride the nearly 100-mile route in two-by-two formation Friday, showing solidarity for those they've lost.

"They always have to be remembered," said Waterloo Director of Safety Services Dan Trelka, who will ride with Collins. "That's one of the reasons we're involved, to remember these kids."

But the remembrance comes with a message for the killer of the Black Hawk County girls.

"We're coming for you," Trelka said. "We're going to find you, and we're going to come get you."

Also, thoughts for the victims' families.

"For them, it shows them that we're there for them for support," said Jack Keller, of the New York State Police.

When Lyric and Elizabeth first disappeared, the Utica, N.Y., chapter of the Center for Missing and Exploited Children printed hundreds of posters asking for their return.

Thursday, Trelka and Collins returned the favor, stuffing envelopes, because the shared loss has brought people together.

That's what Elizabeth's father said he'll remember during the ride.

"I really want to focus on thinking about Elizabeth and just riding for them," he said. "It'll be kind of like I'm finishing the ride for them."
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