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Suspicious package calls: Better be safe than sorry?

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CEDAR FALLS (KWWL) - In one week, three different calls came in for suspicious packages or objects in Eastern Iowa. All three reports of those suspicious packages ended with a bomb squad to assist.

Mckenzie Lake wasn't expecting to find what she described as dynamite at the Orchard Hill Church parking lot Wednesday night in Cedar Falls.

"It's got a like hard outside plastic cover and the bottom's plastic and it's got wax and like this wooden thing through it," said Lake.

Lake then decided to take the object home.

"I was talking to my grandpa and he called the dispatcher and they said they'd send an officer right away," said Lake.

From there Cedar Falls Police called the Waterloo Bomb Squad. Officer Darin Rulapaugh was one of the bomb technicians on the scene.

He says in this case they x-rayed the object and found it to only be a commercial-grade firework. But he says it's important if you think something doesn't look right to not pick it up, but to let someone with experience know about it.

"Anything that looks out of the ordinary in a way that you can describe. We use the word articulate. If you can explain why it looks out of the ordinary and it's something that makes you think it's dangerous we're interested in it," said Rulapaugh.

Rulapaugh admits society has gotten a little nervous about suspicious objects, but he says they plan to take every call seriously.

"If it's to the point where the bomb squad was called, we're going to treat it like it's a hazardous device," said Rulapaugh. 

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