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Rainy days bring more sump pump calls for plumbers

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When it rains, all that water needs to go somewhere. but plumber Wes Gardner hopes it's not in your basement. He says when it starts raining, that's when he gets an increase in calls about sump pumps.

"Especially from the winter we had and the last fall we had with the dry soil and the freeze it's going to cause a lot of problems," said Gardner, Gardner Plumbing. 

Gardner says he's gotten about five or six calls about servicing sump pumps in the last month and a half. He says most calls are sump pump failures with flooded basements, power outages, or the pump simply won't keep up.

He says it's important to get an annual check from a plumber to make sure there are no issues, but there are also things you can do too to make sure your sump pump is working.

"If you're not getting water in the pit just fill it with water, make sure it takes off a couple times and just always try to listen for it and keep an eye on it when you know it's going to be wet outside," said Gardner.

As far as where the water should be pumped to, Gardner says water should go to a sub drain to the city's storm sewer. It should not go to city sanitary sewers.

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