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People surprised about crime statistics in Waterloo

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WATERLOO (KWWL) - A simple online search for crime in Waterloo shows the city might be more dangerous than some people thought.

According to, Waterloo is safer than 12 percent of other cities in the country.

The website also provides a map, divided into highlighted areas with a key frame of where the most dangerous neighborhoods are.

Bud Waldwin lives in one of those neighborhoods, just north of downtown Waterloo.

"It's outside of town, it's very quiet, very good neighbors," said Waldwin.

Waldwin was surprised to hear his house was in what's considered to be an unsafe area of Waterloo.

"I wonder why they say that because everybody's so friendly out this way. I don't know, maybe once and awhile see a speeding car that'd be the worst we see," he said.

In the other area deemed dangerous by neighborhood scout, just south of the city center, residents were unaware of the stats, but not surprised.

"Well, when it gets dark it seems, like a lot of riff going around," said John Tuligowski. "You definitely don't want to be out with your kids or anything like that."

Kathleen Morgan recalled the time her home was hit with shotgun pellets.

"You know it is crazy around here," she said. "Doesn't have to be though."

People at said statistics online are accurate.

They said numbers are carefully researched and that, for the size of Waterloo, it doesn't appear to be very dangerous.

Still, according to the website, instances of murder, rape, burglary and assault in Waterloo are all higher than the national average.

Waldwin said he's always considered Waterloo a safe city.

"Doesn't effect me none. I'll still be here," he said.
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