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Iowa Congressman requests meeting for adopted children in limbo

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DUBUQUE (KWWL) - Representative Bruce Braley has requested a meeting with Ambassador Faida Mitifu of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) regarding international adoptions stuck in limbo.

His request comes after the State Department acknowledged Congolese government officials are applying additional scrutiny to visas for adoptive parents, including a couple from Dubuque.

The Peat family has legally adopted two children from the DRC, but cannot bring them home to Dubuque because Congolese government officials stopped issuing exit permits.

“I want to share with the Ambassador what families like the Peats are going through, and talk about how we can resolve this situation,” Rep. Braley said in a statement released to KWWL.

“Our countries have a long history of cooperation, and it’s in everyone’s interest that this issue is resolved quickly and in a manner that leaves these adoptive children in the best situation possible.”

Lawmakers believe approximately 460 families have had their adoptions suspended, but the Peats are among one of about 50 families that have had it occur at such a late stage in the process.

Earlier this week, government officials in the DRC announced stricter scrutiny of U.S. adoptive families’ applications for visas, saying that the visas to travel to the DRC from the U.S. may be refused “in some cases."

“No child should be kept away from loving parents because of bureaucratic dysfunction,” Rep. Braley wrote.

Last month, after learning of the situation faced by a Dubuque couple who are adopting two children from the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), Rep. Braley wrote this letter to Secretary of State John Kerry and urged the State Department to work with the Congolese government to resolve the situation.


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