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Teen jokes about shooting

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A student has been disciplined, according to district officials, after spreading rumors of a shooting at East High in Waterloo.

The teen sent pictures to friends, saying there was a shooting, but the images were from a class exercise staging a crime scene, and no one was in danger.

"There was a mannequin on the pavement, there were 4 spent shell casings on the ground," said Steven Oaks, a teacher at the school.

Part of the exercise was learning to gather evidence and photograph a crime scene.

"Police brought two of their cameras, so students had their cell phones out to take more evidence shots, since we had 30-40 kids there," Oaks said.

The pictures the student sent were posted online, scaring parents. One mother wrote on the KWWL Facebook, "My son thought it was real.... the school should have warned us."

"We go over, 'you're not allowed to do this,' but again, students make poor choices, and this is what happened this time," said Oaks.

The student has apologized on Facebook, saying others should think before they post.

Oaks said he is just disappointed that the issue cast a shadow over an otherwise positive learning experience.

"This is just one of those times where technology was not used correctly," Oaks said.

He said he plans to repeat the exercise next year, but is considering sending a letter home to parents. The student is being disciplined, according to the district. He wrote on Facebook that he has been suspended, and could be expelled.

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