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Couple claims they were kicked out of restaurant for loud laughing baby

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An Iowa City couple says they were wrongfully kicked out of Graze Restaurant in downtown Iowa City, after their 10-month-old was laughing too loud.

For some, crying babies and unruly children in a restaurant tend to be somewhat annoying.

“At the end of the day it’s all about controlling your kid,” said Keyon Shelby who has children of his own. “Due to the child not knowing any better it takes the parent to be like, I can’t control them so let me go ahead and remove them before it causes a scene.”

According to the dad’s Facebook page the Graze Restaurant owner was “unapologetic and blunt,” threatening to call police if the couple didn’t pay for their drinks and leave.

“I think they should just accept the fact that children are children,” said Wendy Von Lienen an Iowa City parent. “I’m kind of outraged, children will be children. It’s a public restaurant; you can’t put a sign on the door to say children aren’t allowed.”

On the restaurant’s Facebook page, Peter Harman writes, “I approached the table and simply mentioned that other guests were complaining and that perhaps they could do something to calm the baby.”

The statement goes on to say the dad began screaming, causing uproar and the owner never asked the couple to actually leave.

“My opinion, I mean I would have walked away and chosen not to eat there anymore rather than reaching out trying to build this and getting more support for it,” said Iowa City resident Derek Brenner.

We want to hear what you think, some are saying it’s justified because parents should be able to control their children, while others say children are going to be children.

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