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OK or not? Daycares posting photos of children to social media

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CEDAR RAPIDS (KWWL) - Many businesses these days have Facebook pages. That includes daycare centers. On those pages, you can often find pictures of the kids who go there.

KWWL called several centers in eastern Iowa, and each person we talked to said they always ask parental permission first.

However, there's no rule on the books that requires them to.

The Iowa Department of Human Services does issue licenses to some child care centers, but social media is not something they regulate.

"Our rules do not specifically address the use of social media," said Amy McCoy with the DHS. "We would want to ensure that daycare homes and childcare centers are receiving permission from parents prior to posting any children's pictures, just as they would with any other action."

We wanted to know what you thought. So we put a post on our own Facebook page.

"The daycare should have a waiver that the parents should sign," said KWWL viewer Vanessa. "If it isn't signed, then no the provider shouldn't post it."

"No," said KWWL viewer Danielle. "I would NOT be ok with that!!!"

State officials say if parents are concerned, they should contact their childcare provider to learn about the center's policy.

"Parents should absolutely be talking with their daycare provider when it comes to what their policy is about using images of their children," said McCoy. "Parents should be aware of that and they should have the opportunity to give permission or deny permission."

What do you think?

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