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Iowa legislative session won't end on time

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WATERLOO (KWWL) - The 2014 Iowa legislative session is supposed to end Tuesday, but lawmakers now say that won't be happening.

Going into this week, there are budgets that have yet to be finalized and bills are still on the table.

Meanwhile, investigations into secret settlements in Gov. Branstad's administration continue, and lawmakers said this is one factor playing into the extended end date.

"We had hoped to be done a couple weeks ago, actually," said State Rep. Walt Rogers, a Republican from Cedar Falls. "We were on a path to get most of the work done in the legislature, but the whole oversight committee and hearings have kind of stalled that whole process."

Both Republicans and Democrats agree there are still decisions that need be made, like those regarding education funding.

Some representatives are focused on collegiate money, like giving more to the University of Northern Iowa. Others are more concerned with K-12 funding.

Alongside such issues remains the secret settlement scandal, a reason why the money flow is especially under the microscope. Lawmakers said it's unfortunate that "hush money" is taking time and attention away from other work, like meeting constituents in their respective districts.

"It's enough for us to get to the bottom of it," said Rep. Bob Kressig, a Democrat from Cedar Falls. "It's something we need to find out, and prevent it from happening in the future."

Lawmakers said they hope to wrap up the session by Friday.
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