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Fareway Dietitian: Tips for your Easter ham

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WATERLOO (KWWL) - Last minute Easter tips

Spiral cut: ham has been cut in a continuous spiral all the way around the bone, producing thin slices that easily peel away, making the ham very easy to serve. (These often come with glaze packet)

Boneless ham will have less the most meat per pound- no waste, great flavor and this is the best quality ham we carry. It comes in whole, half, or quarter hams and you can find all of our hams in the self-serve section.

When buying bone-in ham, figure at least 3/4 pound per person

For boneless ham, at least 1/4 pound per person


Baking is the best method for cooking a ham; figure around 10 min per pound in a 350 oven. (reaches 160 degrees)

Although ham is perfectly delicious all by itself, you can make it extra-special by using a glaze.

The most popular glaze recipes contain combinations of honey/syrup, mustard, brown sugar, fruit preserves, and spices. Brush the glaze over the surface of the ham before placing it in the oven and baste every 20 minutes.

To help keep your ham moist and juicy:

Place the ham cut-side down in a baking pan. If it's going to be in the oven for more than an hour, you also may want to place a foil "tent" over your ham in order to keep it from drying out.

Leftover Ham

You can keep your ham in the refrigerator, tightly wrapped, for up to a week. Leftover recipes can be found here.

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