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Woman on 'do-not-hire' list says State is wrong

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A woman listed on the state's hiring exclusion list says she didn't know she was on it, and that she doesn't deserve to be there.

The list of nearly 1000 people was released by the Department of Administrative Services (DAS) denied this list existed. Gov. Terry Branstad repeatedly denied the list existed in an interview with KWWL just a week ago.

The woman, who asked to remain anonymous, left her job as a state social worker in 2001 to take of her growing family. She says she left her job on good terms, yet her names appears on the exclusion list.

"It was really disconcerting, just to because I had never had an issue when I worked with the state," she said. "So to find out that I'm on a list that I can't be hired back with the state is very disturbing."

Gov. Branstad repeatedly denied this list existed on last Sunday's Steele Report.

"If he really didn't know there was a list then it's sad that he didn't know, that no one else told him," the former social worker said. "But if he did, that's really upsetting."

In an email, a representative of the DAS said everyone on the exclusion list is notified of their status if they re-apply for a job. And, if they were let go, it was for a reason. But the former social worker says she has applied for jobs with the state, and never heard any response. She also says she was not dismissed, but left by her own choice.

She's also worried about how her status on the list will affect her future -- she plans to become a substitute teacher.

"I've taken the coursework, but I haven't filled out all the information to go to the Department of Education," she said. "That would be concerning. Would I be able to do that type of work?"

As a result, she wants to see some changes made.

"I'd like them to not do a blacklist that people do not know that they're on," she said. "If they do need kind of a list to make sure that people should not be hired on by the state for whatever reason, that person should know, that employee should know these are the reasons why and this is why we're not going to hire you back. It should all be done in writing."

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