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Morgan McGarvey Taekwondo Champion

Morgan McGarvey Taekwondo Champion

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The dream has never been too big for 15 year-old Morgan McGarvey. She demonstrated very early her remarkable abilities as a Martial Artist --winnning national and international competitions at each level of development. Now as McGarvey gets closer to a chance to compete for her country in the 2016 Olympics--she realized--she had to do more--so she decided to cut go from heavyweight to the 150 pound weight division.

For McGarvey losing 15-17 pounds meant sacrificing junk food--and the carefree lifestyle of a teenager. Morgan's mom, Shawn McGarvey a former Taekwondo champion herself--was a bit skeptical that her daughter had the discipline to make it happen ---but mom came away very impressed.

In her first competition in the new weight division at the US Open in Las Vegas in February--- McGarvey was absolutely sensational. Facing the best in the World in her age group--Morgan whipped a Canadian competitor, a highly ranked opponent from Mexico--- and then a top martial artist from Thailand to advance to the title match. Morgan lost in overtime to a French competitor.

Morgan says she feels lighter on her feet and much quicker at her new weight without sacrificing her trademark power.

And she says the sacrifices have been worth it.

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