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Crews fight springtime grass fires

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Fire crews in Waterloo were kept busy Monday by several brush fires.

One, on Independence Ave., began when a burning pile of leaves jumped to a garage.

"Which was illegal anyway," said Fire & Rescue Battalion Chief Mike Moore. "But he was too close to the structure, caught the garage on fire because of it."

Moore said on windy days, things can get out of control pretty quickly.

"At the same time, we had a train coming down the tracks that threw some sparks in two different areas and got a pretty good size brush fire going, too," he said.

Moore said fighting grass fires is especially labor intensive, because they have to use special brush beaters to smack the flames out. Access is an issue too, since crews can't reach the flames in regular trucks.

Moore said the easiest way to preventing springtime fires is not to be fooled by weather conditions.

"Just be aware that things are dry," he said. "The ground is pretty wet and you can get stuck in the mud easily, but everything else is pretty dry."

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