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'UNI Proud' fights for gender neutral restrooms on campus

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Stormy O'Brink has actually seen people get turned away from using the restroom.

"I have friends who have been kicked out of restrooms because they didn't appear to be passing as the gender they identify as or the gender of which the restroom they are using," said O'Brink, 'UNI Proud' president.

Thursday students with 'UNI Proud' rallied for getting gender-neutral restrooms in the heavily trafficked Maucker Union on UNI's campus. They want a one-stall restroom designated as neutral, alongside other restrooms.

"We want to make sure that all students feel included and safe no matter what restroom they're going into. That they don't have to hold it in for hours on end until they can get to a restroom where they feel safe enough to use it," said O'Brink. 

O'Brink says the need is there and UNI administration is behind it, so much so, the school will soon include a gender-neutral restroom next to administration offices.

"Personally I'm fine with it. It doesn't really bother me too much," said Brice Berger, UNI student.

"I actually have a friend who dresses with both genders so I think that's wonderful," said Miranda Merritt, UNI student.

"If it's something that they want to do they can go ahead and do it," said Tanner Baldwin, UNI student.

The next goal for 'UNI Proud' is to get gender neutral restrooms in all the academic buildings on campus. 

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