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New vaping lounge smoking up in Iowa City

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A lot of people are trying to quit smoking and many turn to electronic cigarettes to help kick the habit.

With the e-cigarette industry lighting up, it’s safe to say the vaping community is not going up in smoke.

The new Black and Gold Vapors lounge in Iowa City is ready to serve those battery-powered devices.

“Not everyone wants to go to the bar and not everybody's a drinker, not everybody's looking for that aspect of things,” said manager Rebekka Hayslett. “This is more of a relaxed environment for people to come to.”

The new lounge offers more than twenty different house juice flavors with several levels of nicotine to ultimately help smokers kick the habit.

Hayslett has been smoking for about 16 years and says since she was introduced to vaping, she has not lit a cigarette since.

Although e-cigs are welcomed in most places, owner Ryan Hayslett says regulations are needed.

“We absolutely agree that this does need to be an 18 or older product, it does not need to be sold or marketed to minors,” said Ryan Hayslett. “Can I say that it's healthier? No I can't, because the studies just aren't there."

He says there are 4,000 carcinogens in cigarettes which are substances directly involved in causing cancer, and only four ingredients in these electronic cigarettes, so the risk is work it.

“It's better. I don't care if I have this thing in my mouth consistently, because I’m not inhaling the other 4000 chemicals in tobacco,” said Black and Gold Vapors employee, Travis Schaapveld.

The owners say it's different from a hookah bar because it's just a liquid vapor, and nothings burning. While a hookah bar uses actual tobacco that's smokeless.

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